Breakfast Guest

Yesterday morning, an unexpected guest stopped by for breakfast. A Yellowstone National Park bison strolled by our campsite, had his breakfast right along with us. Then he laid down to watch us take down the tent and pack our mini-van. We had hoped to leave a bit earlier, but someone told us that this particular bison had charged a lady before visiting us, so we had to move slow as not to startle the creature and to make sure to keep an eye on him at all times. Our girls named him “Joe,” and had fun watching him from the car. Once the van was finally packed, we thanked The Lord for a wonderful few days and waved good-bye to Joe, who, in his sitting position, continued to stare at us without an expression.

It truly was a great few days at this wonderful Park. We were told that just a few days before we got there, it had thunder stormed for a week. The skies were beginning to get cloudy again as we left. We’ve also experienced many firsts on this trip. Many of the experiences will be posted in the coming days since we did not have means to post anything until we rolled in to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.




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