Delights Along The Road




The last State that we drove through on our way to the West coast of Canada was Washington. We entered through highway 90 from Idaho. A few hours into our drive, we came down a majestic mountain pass and saw a beautiful lake. As we crossed it over a bridge, we saw a picnic area. We stopped to have a picnic.

Before entering Yellowstone a few days earlier, we had stopped by a Walmart to purchase three disposable charcoal grills. They were only $2.88, and as you can see above, they work well.

Further down the road, we saw a sign for a produce store that sold locally grown fruit. We stopped by to get some Rainier cherries and saltwater taffy. We even had some ice cream. The girls really enjoyed stopping at the produce store.

Lauren and I really enjoyed the scenery – the mountain ranges were beautiful! Some of the peaks were covered with snow, and above the clouds. The rocks jutting out of the densely packed forest were amazing. It was a wonder that I didn’t run the car off the road.

Our family worshipped the Creator of this world that we call home. All of us, including the six year old, could not imagine how all that beauty could come about without a Creative Designer. Our God is indeed amazing!


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