A Third Culture Dilemma

The 2012 London Olympics took place shortly after our family moved to Canada. We missed a bunch of exciting events because we had a tough time getting cable and Internet (any body in Canada attest to this?). Finally, we got our cable and began watching the games. We were happy.

Then the girls began feeling agitated. They asked, “Is it ok if we cheer for U.S. against Canada? And who do we cheer for if Korea is playing the U.S. or Canada?” That’s when it hit us again, we are third culture. Where are our loyalties? If we don’t cheer for Canada, are we betraying our now adopted country?

We told the girls, “It’s ok for you to cheer for the U.S. teams.” They replied, “But we will cheer hard for Canada against any other country except Korea and the U.S.” I imagine if we were to move to another country the reply would be, “We will cheer for any other country but Korea, U.S., and Canada!”

People asked me which NHL team I would cheer for. You’ll have to wait for a future post to find that out. 🙂


korea canada canada us

For here we have no lasting city, but we seek the city that is to come. – Hebrews 13:14

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