Siding General Store and Restaurant



After hours of driving, our family was very hungry. But on Trans-Canada Highway, there aren’t a lot of places to eat. So, when we “happened” on this little restaurant that doubles as a general store, we weren’t very thrilled. Looking at the menu, we were even thinking of moving on further, because the offerings didn’t seem all that good and the prices were a bit higher than we would like to have spend. There was one other restaurant, but the prices there were outrageous. But we bit the bullet and ordered three plates to share.

The burger was amazing! The chicken sandwich had a sauce that was to die for! And our carnivorous daughters loved the tofu rice bowl! But the food was just a beginning. The owner came by to chat with us. Lorill (she told us if you change the “l” to a “g” and put an “a” at the end, her name spells “Gorilla.”) was friendly and humorous. Our girls loved her! She also gave us tips on what not to miss on the highway. We would have missed Emerald Lake if it wasn’t for her. She also told us about a water fall. She promised that it would be a different kind of beauty than the Niagara – she was right!

If you’re ever traveling through the Trans-Canada Highway, and you’re hungry, stop by the Siding General Store and Restaurant and tell her that the Asian family who affectionately call her “Lorilla” sent you. (We’ll also add a link to my review on TripAdvisor when it is published).


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