Dinosaur National Park
Dinosaur Provincial Park

After 42 days of travel, our family finally settled into our home. Lauren spent the day doing the laundry, the girls slept to their content, and I got to check in at the office. With a quick visit to Costco to pick up some staples (eggs, milk, etc.), and a visit to a friend’s house to encourage, I pulled out the lawn mower. It felt good to be back.

We had to admit, when we returned the rental car, we felt like we were giving up a part of us. The Kia Sedona has served us well – it was not only our transportation, but our home for the entire trip. We are thankful to the Lord for keeping us safe during the entire trip.

Here are the final numbers:

Distance Driven: 10,041 miles / 16,159 km

Different Beds Slept in: 30 – hotels, peoples homes, and camping

States Driven Through: New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Michigan,

Provinces Driven Through: Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba

Best Restaurant Experience: Dai Tung – Vancouver (will review in the future)

We are thankful for God’s protection over us as we drove so many miles, and wonderful weather that we experienced along the way. Our minds and hearts are so full of all that we have seen and experienced. We began this blog to share some of the stories along the way, but there are so many stories that could and should be told, and many lessons learned, and those that will impact us in the future. We have been encouraged by those of you who have commented that you have followed us and that you have enjoyed it and were encouraged by it. Therefore, we will continue to post on this blog.

Like our identity, this blog has gone through some transformation – this blog, like ourselves, has gone through identity crisis. 🙂 We named this blog AKorDian, and along the way gave it the tag line “Journey of a Third Culture Family.” One of the reasons why we took this Epic Journey was to get to know our new adopted country better. We hope to be able to “process” what we are learning. So, stay tuned!


Saskatoon Berries
Saskatoon Berries

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