When God Comes Calling

When God Comes Calling

Ten years ago, I had the awesome privilege of traveling with Ted Fletcher to the Middle East.  Earlier, Ted had received a kidney from a Jewish woman, so he told his friends, “My kidney wants to go visit the home land.”  Ted was 70 that year.  If you remember the year 2003, there were a lot of unrest in that region due to the war in Iraq.  But that did not deter this man of God.  It was one of the most memorable trips I have ever taken.

When God Comes Calling is Ted’s autobiography.  I’ve read a lot of biographies in my life, and met some people whom I had read about.  There is no one that I have met so far that was, or is, more genuine than Ted Fletcher.  I have thoroughly enjoyed reading, and re-reading this short, but exciting book.  Whether you are seeking adventure (his life was full of them!), needing comfort in the midst of rejections (his son found 25 rejection letters from mission agencies who could not accommodate his desire to reach those in hardest places with the gospel), or simply needing a vision, this book has it all.

This week (December 16 – 20, 2013), Pioneers, the organization that Ted and his wife Peggy founded is giving this book away free on kindle.  Click here to find out more about Pioneers and to obtain a free copy of the book.


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