It’s the Little Things


At the end of each year I spend some time reflecting to see how I did with the goals that were set in the prior year, and to set new goals for the coming year.  I did well with some, but failed miserably in others.  For example, the reading goal was exceeded 6 books (I read 58 of 52 books); however, the goal to post regularly to AKorDian failed miserably.

I wondered why I was able to exceed my goal in reading, but not in blog posting.  It was a “little thing.”  For the books, I had given a numbers goal, but for the blog posts, the goal was vague.  Therefore, the goal for posts for 2015 will be 52.  Hopefully, that translates into once a week, but we’ll see how that goes.

I travel a lot. Most of my travels are for business, so even though I get to go to many countries, mostly I see the inside of the hotel where the conference or meetings take place, and rarely have time to properly see the city or country that I am visiting. Sometimes, it get a bit bothersome. To keep my sanity, I decided to observe things from a travel reviewer’s perspective. I’m not a professional travel guide, but maybe that’s not all bad…

Most of the time that I book flights, I look for the cheapest fare. However, by knowing the airline alliances gave me better idea of how to build up the air miles to take a family member along occasionally.  Just as importantly I get elite status to enjoy the perks that come with it, like being able to board earlier, chances of upgrades, and even airline lounge access. When I was living in the U.S., Sky Team was the alliance that most often yielded the best prices from where I lived. When I moved to Canada I found it difficult to keep to just Sky Team, so I have to split the miles between Sky Team and the Star Alliance. It seems like a little thing, but this is really bothersome, because this means I can’t build up my “status” as well as I used to.  And this past year, I lost all status because I was short by one flight on both of the alliances.  It’s a little thing, but it really bothers me that I will not have elite status of any kind on an airline for the first time in about a decade.

There are many other “little things” that really bug me.  And I think most of us.  The biggest example of that is how we fight with our loved ones.  It’s usually not about a big thing, but about multiple of little things.

So, what are the little things that bother you the most?

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