Marathon At 60

A few years ago a friend of mine crossed off running a marathon on the Great Wall of China off of his bucket list.  That was a great accomplishment. What was more amazing to me was that he did this when he turned 61.  That inspired me to add running a marathon before I turn sixty to my bucket list.  At the time I was fifty, so that meant I had exactly ten years to accomplish that goal.  

The problem with that goal is that I am no longer a runner.  Although I have been playing sports (golf, softball, swimming, etc), my knees, lungs, and other faculties were in no shape to run even a mile.  So, I went to see a doctor.  My doctor sent me to various specialists, and several tests were conducted to see if running a marathon was even possible for me.  The consensus was that if I started off slowly, and built up my strength, then my knees, along with the rest of my body, as well as mental stamina, will be ready for me to run a marathon by the time I turn sixty. 

Therefore, we set some goals.  First year was spent simply to assess what it would take for me to accomplish the task.  Next, with a gift of Fitbit from my wife, I have been walking 15,000 steps, daily, to strengthen my knees.  In the next few years, I will be registering and running 5k and 10k races.  Then within five to seven years, my hope is to run a half marathon.  And finally, when everything is ready, I will run that marathon. 

Running a marathon is a goal to check off a bucket list.  However, that is not the overarching reason why I want to run a marathon.  It is a part of meeting my aspiration to live a healthy life, spiritually, mentally, and physically, so that I can better bridge workers to His harvest fields (my life’s purpose). 

Whether we like it or not in ten years our children, and for that matter we, will change.  For one thing, we would have aged ten years.  We may not be living where we are living now.  Our health may deteriorate.   

Some may say, “But we trust God will take care of all that.”  It is true.  As a Christian, I have no doubt that God is sovereign over all things.  However, sovereignty does not mean micro management.  God has given us stewardship over our lives, and over the calling that He has for us.

God’s sovereignty is brought more into focus by human responsibility. As we obey God, His sovereign plans are carried out. Of course, even if we don’t obey, His plans are still carried out. But wouldn’t it be so much more rewarding to us when God’s sovereign plans are carried out by our obedience? And in the process, we become more like Him?

What is it that you are aspiring to in ten years? What are you doing to make that a reality?

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