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Price of gasoline dips below $1

In the last post, I wrote about some things that were hopeful during this Covid-19 crisis. As I write this, some of the States in the U.S. have either announced that they will begin to lift the “stay at home” restrictions, or considering re-opening. Although some countries and states have seen “flattening” of the cases, many have yet to get there, and some countries are just beginning to report that this crisis has hit them.

In the midst of all this confusion, fear, and frustration, environment seems to be benefiting from the rest that it is getting from reduced human activity. Satellite images from space are showing marine life in once murky waters of Venice’s canals. Across the globe, emissions of air pollutants have gone down significantly due to drastic reduction of vehicles of all kinds being grounded due to “lock down” orders from many governments. Maps like the one below show the drastic decrease in emission of green house gases in many parts of the world. According to Newsweek, even seismic activity has gone down.

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Satellite images of emissions in China (Image: Reuters Graphics)

For those of you who may have been able to venture out may have noticed historically low gasoline prices. As of today (Wednesday, April 22, 2020), the average price of gasoline in the United States is $1.80 per gallon. Fox Business report that there are at least 18 States where they have seen less than $1 per gallon. They are also predicting that the average could drop to $1.50 per gallon by next week, and maybe even lower for some time.

All this is good news. However, the scientist are also cautious about what happens when this crisis is over. Many of them remember similar situation back in 2008, during the financial crisis, to point out that the environment will take a hit once things go back to normal. This may well be true. However, my hope is that the “new normal” that we will enter into, once this pandemic is history, will make all of us more conscientious about the environment.

In processing all this as a Christian, I am reminded that God has always been an Advocate, if not the original “Environmentalist.” When God created the earth, He “saw that everything that He made… was very good.” (Genesis 1:31. ESV). He also planted the first garden (Eden). Of course, that garden was hidden from mankind when Adam and Eve disobeyed God, causing not only mankind to fall, but all creation. Therefore, as Paul wrote in Romans 8:22-23 that “all of creation has been groaning together,” for redemption.

Moving further along in the narrative of the Bible, God, through Moses, gives His people not only the Ten Commandments, but also the regulations for the citizens of His Kingdom (Exodus to Deuteronomy). In Leviticus, God also gives His thoughts on how the Israelites are to care for the land. He told them to give the land a Sabbath (rest) every seven years. And every 50th year was to be year of Jubilee, where all things concerning the land are to be “reset” (Leviticus 25). A chapter later, God also predicts that His people will not listen to His commands. Therefore, the land will have it’s rest when the Israelites are exiled. All that came true in the Bible (see the Prophets section of the Bible).

When we get to the end of the Bible, the description of Heaven, where God’s people will once again walk with God, is the restored Garden of Eden (see Revelation 22). God cares for and will restore all of His creation, not just His people. In a sense, God is an Environmentalist.

Please do not misunderstand what I am writing here – I am not saying that God brought on Covid-19 so that the environment will recover. Nor am I trying to make a political statement. I am simply pointing out, on this Earth Day, that God saw that what He created was “very good.” And that He cares for the earth and all that is in it.

Which brings me back to the point; that I am hopeful that even after this crisis is over, we will be better stewards of this earth. I hope that not just the environmentalist, but all of us, no matter what our religious or political persuasion, will take better care of our earth.

Happy Earth Day, everyone!

How can we take better care for the earth? Please post your comments below.

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