Western Fair


We have been in Canada for a little over a year as a family.  And in some ways, we are beginning to mark our time in Canada by the fair season.  We’ve attended fairs in the States, but for some reason, our girls and I look forward to the ones here in Ontario with a little more anticipation.  This maybe because where we live is a bit more agricultural than we are used to.  Maybe it’s because we saw fairs as something quaint that we do once or twice in our life time to check off, but now they’re all around us.  Perhaps it’s because of my first impression of the first fair I’ve been to in our newly adopted country was a good one.  Or I was simply excited to finally see the Mounties!  Whatever the reason, I like the fairs in Canada!

Royal Mounted Police
Royal Mounted Police
Mountie from our region
Mountie from our region

So, with much anticipation, we went to the Western Fair, again, this year.  We didn’t spend a whole day, like we did last year, but it was still fun!  Some highlights:

1. Animals – it’s always a delight for our girls to see the animals, especially the youngest.  Last year we got to see a cow giving birth to a calf, and this year, our youngest got to hold a chick that was just hatched.  The dog show is a must see!

New born chick
New born chick

2. The food – What are fairs without food?!?!  The foot-long corn dogs were good.  We also enjoyed the elephant ears (funnel cake) – beware, the food is very expensive – $6 for the elephant ears!

3. There were bounce houses, golf range, volleyball lessons, paintball shooting, and many other freebies.

4. Free trees – this is my favorite.  We picked up a couple of sugar maples this year.  Last year we picked up a few trees and planted them, but some animals came and ate the saplings in the Spring, so we needed new ones!

5. Free concerts – we did not attend any of it, but this year, Lover Boy was one of the acts – remember “Everybody’s working for the weekend?”

6. Of course, the rides and games – Too expensive!  So, we ended up not doing it, but there are a lot of rides and games.  If you want to enjoy these, I would recommend that you get the unlimited pass.  For those of you who want to save money, there are plenty of things to do that are free.

The Western Fair Blog will give you more details from others, if you are interested.  Enjoy!

Farm Girls
Farm Girls

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