Start of the Holiday Season

Black Friday images

It’s the start of the “Holiday Season.”  For the Materialist (I do believe this as a religion for those who live for material gain of all sorts), Black Friday is the most scared “holiday.”  For some, this is the real holiday – the day after the U.S. Thanksgiving.  It’s when the faithful gather in front of their favorite “temples” to await the coming of the hour when heaven comes to earth.  Some camp out for days to be the first in line to purchase one of the coveted relics of that year – deeply discounted t.v., computer, or some other item that is only available in a limited quantity.  The suffering from the elements in many of the Northern climate, the ridicules of those who do not – or cannot – understand, the tearing of the heart for not being able to be at two places at once, and myriad of other agonies are replaced by pure ecstasy the moment the doors open to let the first few worshipers into the temple.

As with any other religion, there are many sects or denominations, fundamentalists, reformers, and fanatics.  The favorite of the “techies” are Best Buy, Fry’s (for those who live on the West Coast of the U.S.), and hhgregg.  The toy enthusiasts flock to Toys R Us, The Lego Stores, or Fao Schwarz (for those who live in New York City).  There are the mega temple worshipers who flock to Wal-Mart, Target, or the outlet malls.  Those who enjoy quieter worship can attend some of the smaller, more specialized venues like Staples, Barnes and Nobles, or Michaels.  The Reformers are thrilled with the experiments of many worship centers opening on Thanksgiving Day, and the Fundamentalists cheer the stance of Costco for not opening until Friday so that their employees can spend time with their loved ones on Thanksgiving.  The Fanatics, like many in other religions, sometimes result to violence (check out this article).

Like it or not, this “holiday” is gaining momentum.  This religion has reached Canada this year.  The more famous of the “temples” like Wal-Mart, Target, and others in the U.S. have “planted” new temples in Canada.  The anchor stores like Canadian Tires, and even furniture stores like the Brick and Leons have converted.  With good “missionaries” this new “holiday” may go global.

I wonder what the clerics of Islam and other militant theocrats think about this.  Will they close their borders to this religion and persecute them?  Or will they welcome this “idol” with open arms?

Let the “Holidays” begin!

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